News (September 12, 2006):

I know it's been awhile, don't kill me or nothin'! It's hard for me to update when I don't have all the fancy programs that my school currently has. At some point I will get off my butt and get it, but until that happens you just have to wait! New updates in the audio section including 5 songs from the Cave Story series arranged, and Rock With Your Navi! which is a remix of the MMBN 1 boss theme. I also have released a couple of songs I have made for a fangame called Project PNT (Personal Navi Terminal) the Death Virus Battle and Navi Battle they have both gotten good reviews from the people who are working on the game and other users. I think it sounds nice, I hope that you agree. I have more that I will release later, but I felt it important to update after about 6 months of silent time! If I have many fans, thanks for being patient with me!

Some more good news is that I have been asked to be the Arranger for the EXE7(Megaman Battle Network 7) Development team! I have made some good music so far, but have been sworn to secrecy. Sorry guys! The whole project is going down at The Undersquare, a great place for your Megaman/Rockman needs. Go check it out!

Also, some none site and personal news. I have rejoined the band Divided Roads and have laid down some tracks with them. For the moment we are at Purevolume and Myspace. We will soon have our own website as well, and when we do, I'll tell ya'll. Have a good month!


Old News:

(April 10, 2006) Sorry it has been so long! I have been rather busy and have not been able to properly update my website. Due to my long absence from updating, I have been left with doing alot of little compositions and OHC's. For one we have a new audio file: Black Sky 4 - A New Hope! Which is the title theme to the fourth game in a fake series. There is also now two new compotstions, one of which is Black Sky's midi form. With both XG and GM applications. And a GM/MSGS collaboration with ButzaW called Funk That Techno With a Bass! A huge gaggle of OHC's are now here, I will not link to them all because now OMIDIA is hosting them weekly!

In other news, I now have a Myspace account, this means that the Guestbook is gone, which I am sure you have noticed. Also, I will post there a Blog which has things that I will or will not be doing, current progress and of course, songs that will never make it on the page for legal reasons and that my Dad is a tad paranoid. I love him though!


Err, the update hasn't changed much, I just realized that I forgot to post my Myspace address here! (Not that it isn't totally obvious!) ^_^ Click on this link here for Cyril's Myspace!